Happy Friday! Please Help…


Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending on where you’re reading this from) and welcome to my new blog layout. Isn’t it pretty?? I have been telling a lot of people about this blog lately and I really have no idea who is actually reading it! So today I have 2 [very easy] questions for you.

I want a ridiculous amount of posts on this. Please? Friends, family, strangers, anyone! This will help me a ton only if I get lots of comments.* To comment, click on the heading of this post and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


1. Which category of posts do you benefit the most from: fitness, nutrition/recipes, inspiration, gratitude, or design? You can click on the category links to the right if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

2. How often do you actually read this thing? Please be honest, I love writing but I only want to write as often as you read.

Also, any other critique or praise is welcome. I want to know what you guys think.


^ This is how excited I am about hearing back from you guys. Seriously.

Now wipe that frown off your face and smile!



22 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Please Help…

  1. carolynpfalzgraf

    I read every morning when I get to work. I think the only category I don’t directly benefit from is Fitness, but i’m sure you understand why ;). My favorites are the Inspiration and Gratitude posts because they usually put me in a positive/optimistic mood, and that’s a great way to start the day. Oh and also the Nutrition/Recipes posts because I always need healthy and easy ideas. So basically what I’m saying here is keep up the good work and don’t change anything!

  2. Nikki. Maxwell

    Gorgeous niece of mine.
    Love the idea of yr blog however u need to elicit subscriptions. I thought I had signed up to get all yr blogs and seeing this on FB reminded me I’ve missed loads.
    From the first I was excited but I’ve missed most since then- been in France or wherever, sometimes therefore go ages without FB and yr blog doesn’t end up in my inbox.
    That’s feedback for what it’s worth.
    Your a wonderfully refreshing writer, full of joue de curve and all good raw honest stuff- so keep it up gorgeous niece of mine.
    Big hugs
    Very Proud Aunty Nik
    Ps- take it all back- just saw the box to tick for subscriptions- must work now!!!!!!

  3. Tish

    My faves are the design and fitness posts, but either way I read it every day so maybe I’m biased! Also I was going to tell you earlier (but forgot), I love love love the wall art above your bed. so cool! xoxo

  4. Anonymous

    I read it all everyday. Like Carol I get the most out of the inspiration and gratitude posts. It is good to know that my girl thinks that way and I’m sure it puts you and everybody else who reads it in the right frame of mind to start the day. I don’t get a lot out of the recipes because that’s your Mums domain and I wouldn’t get any say in it even if I wanted to. The fitness stuff, I’m already maxed out with what I do, but it’s really good to make people aware of it and make it a part of their day. I think it’s all good Ash. Keep doing it. If nothing else, it reminds all those who read it that there are others out there, and we all have a common thread called Ashley.

  5. Anonymous

    I read them everyday! You adorable personality puts me in a great mood each morning. I enjoy reading it all! Keep up the good work!
    Anne ( friend of your mom and dad) Had a glorious time in France with them and your Aunt Nikki

  6. kim nguyen

    all your new posts pop up on my google reader app on my phone, which i tend to look every morning. favorite posts: all of them, but especially the fitness ones since i have trouble staying motivated with that, and seeing your posts have a tendency to roll me out of bed and into some running shoes.

  7. Cori

    Hey Ash!!!
    I thoroughly enjoy reading anything you have to write about… honestly. I just went to write that fitness and design are my favorite subjects, only to realize, but wait, inspiration and recipes are wonderful too. Ha! So keep doing what your doing Ash and Ill keep enjoying your posts 🙂 I’ve made them part of my routine each day for motivation and that extra shove to want to work out, or up my spirits.

  8. Sue Gilroy

    Hi Ash. I love the mix-that gives me MY inspiration and fills me with gratitude. Just reading about “the life of Ashley” is wonderful. Keep on writing. Much love.

  9. Valerie Dorsett

    I enjoy reading everything. Ashley, your blog is awesome uplifting add encouraging. Keep up the wonderful work.
    I read it when I can.
    Well done lass.

  10. Anonymous

    Ash, love the posts, was good at reading them to begin with and then sort of forgot about them. I did find the link at the top to get them sent to my email which I check daily. You are awesome, keep doing what you are doing.

  11. Bonnie Farrar

    Love reading all your blogs. . .keeps me updated on what you guys are up to AND I learn things about health and cooking! (Like how some oils turn rancid when cooked at high heat . . .always wondered that about olive oil.) I enjoy your style of writing and am so impressed that you have committed to this blog and write every day . . .keep them coming!

  12. Cath Jones

    Love it all ash! Especially fitness/recipes/inspiration…all of it! Looking forward to more 🙂 Nice to know we are doing similar things across the atlantic! xxx

  13. Jessica Mead

    I love your blog Ashley!!!!! I read it about once a week but love having all your posts to catch up on! I’m a personal fan of how holistic it is for mind, body, and spirit. I’m very impressed with your commitment & find it incredibly motivating, informative and uplifting 🙂 I’m sure there are many things I could ramble about, but to sum it up, I’m happy you write this blog!

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Thanks Jess! I had no idea you read it! I’m glad it’s motivating you. I guess you’re in a similar situation (although much more extreme) moving to a brand new place. I hope it’s going well and send a hug to Eddy from me 🙂

      1. Jessica Mead

        I’m definitely trying to adjust to a very new life for me here and I know for a fact that when I focus on healthy eating and exercise, as well as reminding myself what I’m thankful for, that I’m significantly happier! You’re blog always seems to get me back on track 🙂 Send hugs for Mike 😉

  14. Bella Oleksy

    Love your blog Ashley! I read a few posts when you first started it and now I’m back. I love the nutrition/exercise posts especially since I’m starting to think I might have a slight gluten intolerance so they’re helpful for me.


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