No Workout Wednesday: How to Fight the Flu


I’m taking a rest week as of Sunday. I could feel my body fighting something and my workouts were just getting more and more painful.


Take Time Off: As important as it is to develop a routine, it’s equally important that, once you’re into the routine, you listen to your body’s warning signs. Unless you’re on a strict training plan, everyone should take one week off from working out every month and a half (5 or 6 weeks). Make sure that you continue to eat healthy and that you lower your caloric intake so that getting back in the groove isn’t so difficult.


No Flu Shot: Second, and I know more people are choosing this route, don’t get the flu shot! This is a personal decision for most people but make sure that you are informed before you get any kind of injection. The government backs the flu shot so there are advertisements for it EVERYWHERE. But did you know that it contains thimerasol (mercury, in every shot unless you formally request a shot without preservatives), aluminum, and formaldehyde? Also, there is a very good chance, every year, that the vaccine won’t actually work. To develop the shot, scientists from FluZone went to Asia last year to try to capture the most prevalent virus. They literally guess which one it will be, bring it back here and start mixing and mass producing to distribute to the American public (people from other countries, do they push the vaccine there too?). Rather than relying on a guess full of terrible chemicals, wouldn’t it be better to arm your body with the best nutrients and minerals instead?


Production of influenza vaccine

Production of influenza vaccine (Photo credit: Sanofi Pasteur)


When you feel it coming: We’ve all felt that familiar tinge in the back of our throat or the extra struggle to get out of bed in the morning. If you start to feel symptoms of the flu, start fighting it IMMEDIATELY. Some things that your body needs to fight any kind of illness are…


1. Lots of water. People always say this but never really do it. Every time you think of it, drink an entire 8 oz. I’ve at least doubled my water intake over the past few days.


2. No dairy. Dairy makes your body produce extra mucus making it that much harder to clear the chest cough, swollen throat, and runny nose.


3. No sugar. Cut out processed sugar completely. Period.


4. Take Vitamin D. Yes D not C. Visit your local holistic/alternative medicine pharmacy and ask for Vitamin D pills. Make sure that they know the source farm and that there are no additives or alterations. Also talk to the pharmacist about how many IU’s to take.


5. Sleep. Don’t do anything in the evenings or early morning. Relax after work and go straight to sleep. I have to take a melatonin pill (also at your local alternative medicine pharmacy) to make sure I sleep through the night but it’s so worth it when I wake up 9 hours later.

6. Lots and lots of vegetables. Go to the store and stock up on all kinds of veggies but mainly dark, leafy greens. These should be the bulk of your diet until you’re feeling completely better. Eat them raw, lightly steamed, or lightly roasted. Just eat them.


English: veggies

Eat your veggies! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On that note, how is everyone feeling today? I’ve noticed a lot of our patients coming in with one illness or another. But fight through it! Cut out any unnecessary activities and get to work healing your body.


5 thoughts on “No Workout Wednesday: How to Fight the Flu

  1. carolyn

    Hope its working, Ashley. Do you think we need to only buy organic? I don’t but I think I should. I got some spinach in a sealed bag the other day and after using half of it, found
    a half inch moth, intact! yuck! that sure turned me off.

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Wow. That’s pretty gross only because I hate bugs. Haha. But sometimes the presence of bugs actually means the produce is fresher.

      As far as organic, there is a list called the Dirty Dozen. It’s developed by the Environmental Working Group and gives an up to date list of produce sprayed with the most (Dirty Dozen) and least (Clean Fifteen) pesticides.
      They have an app too! I just downloaded it and it’s going to be very handy for grocery shopping.

      Also, invest in a salad spinner to clean your leafy greens and wash your veggies before you eat them. Even if you skin them because the knife can trail pesticides into virgin territory.

      I’ll definitely be doing a post on this in the future but hopefully this helps for now!

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