“Use This” Monday: High Heat Oil

Canola Oil was originally popularized in the US, in the form of rapeseed oil, to aid in the building of ships during World War 2. When the war ended, demand dropped, and the main producer of the oil (Canada) began to look for a form of rapeseed oil edible by humans. The new invention was lower in erucic acid (which is linked to heart disease). The Canadians came up with the very clever name Canola: Canadian oil, low acid. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CANOLA PLANT.

At the time that Canada was going about inventing Canola Oil, American food manufacturers were looking for a cheap alternative to polyunsaturated oils like olive oil and healthy unsaturated fats like butter and coconut oil. Perfect! Canola Oil fit the bill and the Canadian producers began the expensive road to FDA approval and marketing to manufacturers.

The original Canola Oil was created through basic breeding and selection, however in 1995, there was a massive genetic modification in Canola Oil. The new oil was so genetically different from the original rapeseed oil that it could be patented. The modification succeeded in producing a bacterial DNA in the oil that makes it impervious to the toxic herbicide, RoundUp. This means that the patented oil is regularly doused in RoundUp to combat the growth of other plants. Yummy!

Canola oil is about a third polyunsaturated fat which is incredible unstable in high heat. This means that every time you cook with the oil, then eat whatever you cook (duh), they increase inflammation in your body (ouch) and contribute to heart disease, cancer, weight gain, and other degenerative diseases.

The way your body reacts to Canola Oil is the same with other industrial oils like CORN OIL and SOYBEAN OIL.

In other words:


– organic and grass-fed is best. Yep, full fat butter is good for you! When shopping, the lesser ingredients the better.



– organic and unrefined is best < MY FAVORITE. More on the amazingness of coconut oil later.


– organic and extra virgin is best (low heat only)



^ BOOOO!!! HISSS!!!!

This is a very short version of an awesome article by the blogger, Small Footprint Family. See the article here.

So when are you going to make the switch?



7 thoughts on ““Use This” Monday: High Heat Oil

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Ashley! What an informative and yet persuasive article – thanks for doing the research about our brief conversation topic this week. . . miss you!

  2. Ruth Rainwater

    We use only extra-virgin organic olive oil from reputable brands or organic, lightly salted, butter. (I read where unscrupulous companies are passing off inferior olive oil as Italian extra virgin, so do your homework on the brand!)

    1. ahappylass Post author

      With do Ruth. Thanks! Try to use coconut oil (or another high heat oil) if you’re cooking rather than raw. Olive oil turns rancid at anything over 118 degrees.

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  4. Suzie

    I LOVE THIS ARTICLE! I can’t believe how sucked in people are about canola oil- they say that because it’s low in saturated fats (which are actually good for you), it must be healthy- no way!! You only need to do proper research to work out why these things actually came to be so popular- most of the time its because they are cheap and nasty. I wish more people would read posts like this!


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