Friday Movie Review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

My man has been gone for 2 weeks and I’ve been watching a lot of TV. His presence has a grounding effect on me so when he’s not around, TV is the only thing that will relax my brain.

I rarely watch cable. Mostly because I HATE commercials. We have basic cable so Mike can watch sports and news and I have two subscriptions: Hulu+ and HBO. I love being able to pull up whatever I want to watch on my computer and just hooking it up to the TV. Technology eh?


So this past weekend I saw a wonderful movie: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It is a comedy about a group of retirees that really had no idea what to do with their retirement. So they all packed up and moved to what was supposed to be a luxury resort in India. It turns out it wasn’t luxurious at all but actually quite run down. But it was managed by a young man with passion and a vision for the hotel.

I love to know how retirees spend their time. It’s an odd fascination of mine that started with conversations with my patients. Retirees generally have a wealth of knowledge and experience and when they’re not working full-time, they can do whatever they want! Can you imagine having all the experience of 60+ years and another 20+ years to do whatever you feel like?

It also really pisses me off when younger people call older people “cute.” Cute?? Excuse me? That person is three times your age and has seen more than you can even imagine. They probably have a bit of experience in everything you’re trying to do. Therefore, they are not cute. They are wise and knowledgable and maybe you should have a real human conversation with them. You would probably learn something.


So my love of this movie is probably a manifestation of that. Regardless, it’s a great movie with fantastically well-known actors. I watched it on HBO but I’m sure it’s available all over the place. Check it out. It will lighten your mood and give you hope for the future.

Only a few more hours of work and then it’s the weekend! I hope you’re all having awesome Fridays. Love and a smile – Ash

6 thoughts on “Friday Movie Review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

  1. Judith Dinnsen

    Love your blogs!! Saw this movie and loved it as well. Hope to see you when you are in town sometime :) Hugs and best wishes always. Oh, and I have attached a recent photo of my Blaze with me. Judy


  2. Nikki Maxwell

    Ash, Gran and I watched The Intouchables last night (my kids were forced to sit with us for the first 5 minutes and stayed the distance in the end voluntarily~!) It’s FABULOUS. It’s a French movie with English subtitles but don’t let that put you off. Brilliant, brilliant, funny and very moving movie. nx

  3. Ruth Rainwater

    Loved the Marigold! How can you miss with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith in the same movie. We loved it so much we bought it when we saw it at Costco and watch it often. 🙂

    1. ahappylass Post author

      It’s so uplifting! Sort of like a “make your own happiness” motivation. I’ll have to keep a lookout. I wouldn’t mine owning it as well 🙂


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