Blog Morphings and Ashley Life Update

Blog Morphings: Before I left Peoria, I was voicing a concern to my coworkers. What would my blog become when I wasn’t surrounded by health all day? It was so easy to produce content and be constantly researching and “in the know” when I’m giving exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic advice all day. My coworkers, in their infinite wisdom, just proclaimed, “you can do whatever you want!” Oh yeah! It’s my blog, my space, I can do whatever I want. MUAHAHA!

Luckily, I really do love rambling to you all about my health experiments, successes and failures. My pursuit of a better diet, environment, and home will always be a large part of my life. Being able to write about it and have people actually read (I hope) feels like a privilege.

So I will continue to write. But it most likely won’t be every weekday. I’m a little nervous to break my schedule but I was starting to feel that some of my posts were forced. There will be at least one workout and one recipe per week. And then one more post of my choosing. The next several weeks are going to be very crazy for me so give a bit of time to get rolling, but I will come back to you all I swear!

Ashley Life Update: I moved back to San Diego this past weekend. I came out early to start work at my new job. Mike will follow in 2 weeks and the moving van about a week after that. My job will be designing playgrounds. I’m pretty stoked about it. I had my first day of work today. Cool coworker, great bosses, and the work seems like it will be fun too. I’m just so happy to have design work that pays. In this economy, very many architects are unemployed.

I just signed a lease yesterday for an awesome little apartment for us. It’s in a hippie-ish neighborhood in the heart of San Diego. Within walking distance of TONS of little cafes, restaurants, and bars. No large stores aside from a Trader Joes (YES!!!) and a Walgreens. AND there’s a Sunday Farmer’s Market year-round. I could not be more excited to become part of a community again.

Another awesome thing: the velodrome one mile from our apartment. Time to start racing bikes again! I’ve never done track racing but I do know you go very very fast on a sweet inclined track. No brakes and very basic bikes. I’ll be joining a clinic in the next month or two.

Being back with my family is heavenly. All of our relationships have changed. Us kids have matured and become friends with each other and our parents. We bicker and tease each other but the love is always shining through. It feels so comfortable and supported with them around. With my family and Mike surrounding me, no obstacle is too large.

These are those “good times” people talk about. šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Blog Morphings and Ashley Life Update

  1. Kim

    Welcome back, Ashley!
    Sounds like you’ve moved super close to me (I’m in North Park), maybe we’ll run into each other sometime!

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Kim, that would be so awesome. I would love to see you. Hopefully a little later this summer when we get to Hillcrest. So stoked to be back šŸ™‚


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