Womanly Monday: The Cup

Men by warned, THIS POST IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU. It concerns menstruation and, unless you’re very curious, don’t read any further.

Ladies, welcome! For the last several months I’ve been testing a product called the Diva Cup. It is a long-lasting, eco-friendly, healthier, cheap alternative to tampons and pads.

As most of my readers know, I am very short on cash. Anything I can do to save money is worth trying. A few months ago I was alerted to the dangers of conventionally grown cotton and the crazy toxins we absorb through our vaginal walls while wearing tampons. They do make organic tampons but MAN they’re expensive. So while I was perusing the extortionately expensive “healthy” tampons, considering whether it was really worth that much money for the peace of mind, I found the Diva Cup.

I had heard of them in passing but knew they weren’t as easy as tampons and were probably gross in some way. I’m not a huge fan of blood so getting my Vajay blood all over my hands didn’t sound very appealing. Anyway, I stopped to check out the package and was instantly intrigued. I have been using my Diva Cup for three months now and I LOVE it.


The Physics: Diva Cup is one of the most popular brand of menstrual cups. It’s a small silicone tapered cup. When on your period, you insert it into your vagina and it forms a seal on your vaginal walls. It catches all blood until you take it out and empty it.

The Pros:

  1. Menstrual cups are SO much better for the environment. You wouldn’t believe how much waste we create by using tampons and pads, especially because they obviously can never be recycled. They clog up landfills and waterways all over the world.
  2. They are cheaper! By so so much. $30 for one cup that will last you at least 6 months. How much do you spend on tampons/pads per month?
  3. Less to worry about. I didn’t realize how annoying it was to always have to think of tampons before I left the house. Fitting them into my clutch when going out for the night, sliding them into my backpack before work, or even when I travel, that’s enough room for another pair of shoes! And then the dreaded feeling of being out for the day and having forgotten. Well imagine if, while on your period, you never had to worry about that again? Assuming you’ve already inserted it once, the cup is already with you!
  4. They are much healthier. Diva Cup is made of a BPA-free silicone material. There’s no risk of toxin absorption. Peace of mind, that’s all.
  5. They provide coverage for the most active of women <This one is personally tested and proven to be true.

The Cons:

  1. Insertion can be tricky to get the hang of. For the first few months, I recommend wearing a panty liner just in case you haven’t gotten the seal right.
  2. You definitely deal with and see your own blood. In large amounts. But I quickly realized that it’s only natural and actually might be a little sad if I couldn’t accept my own body’s natural process.
  3. You must wash your hands at least twice during the removal/insertion process. It can be embarrassing or a hassle to find yourself in a public bathroom with no sink inside the stall.

The Details:

  1. When your period arrives, you take the cup out of its bag and wash it thoroughly. I use hand soap and it works just fine.
  2. You then squat on the ground or sit on the toilet. Flatten the cup and then bend it in half taco-style. Spread your lips with one hand and insert the cup with the other. Push the cup to your lower back in a motion parallel to the floor. That’s the way your vagina naturally curves.
  3. Before you let the cup go completely, twist it in a full circle. Along the way you should feel it get harder, this means the cup has unfolded. Now you can push it all the way in until the grabber tip is about a 1/4″ inside your vagina opening. Give the cup a tug to further test the seal.
  4. When you first start out, check the cup multiple times a day. Once you figure out how quickly it fills, you’ll know already when to change it.
  5. To remove the cup, sit on the toilet and spread your knees. Spread your lips and reach your fingers just inside to prepare to grab the cup. Bare down and, as the cup moves toward your fingers, grab the bottom of the cup and squeeze, releasing the seal.
  6. Quickly dump the blood in the toilet, the cup in the sink, wipe your lady parts, and head over to clean the cup. Again, wash it thoroughly with antiseptic soap and then reinsert. Tip: It’s much easier to do the “twist” if your hand and the bottom of the cup are dry.
  7. Stand up and move about your day!

More Info: You don’t have to just take my word for it. I love this thing and the little extra freedom it’s brought me. To learn more, check out the articles from these other writers …

3 thoughts on “Womanly Monday: The Cup

  1. Cori

    The diva cup!!! I’m so glad you posted about this amazing contraction! I believe 6 out of the 7 of us use this in my house. It’s a game changer for sure in the game of having your period! I try to tell as many women about this! 💛

  2. Angel

    Yea I will stick with a good old fashion pad any day. That all seems to invasive and very complicated in public restrooms. I know we are all girls and it could probably be a great conversation starter…but out of fear of living out something similar to the bathroom boob scene in “the sweetest thing” I’ll remain traditional. Lol


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