Mindful Monday: AHH! Too Many Options!!

For the last year or so, I’ve been deeply entrenched in the exponential growth of the natural health industry. People are realizing, slowly but surely, that the typical Western diet and lifestyle leads to a very unhappy and diseased body. Finally.

Thanks to my Mom, I was exposed to the alternative diet and exercise routine from a young age. Natural health in ingrained in me. But as I grow older and talk to more and more people about their personal stories I have realized: there is no such thing as the correct health routine.

The health world is full of really sexy people standing on their soap boxes telling us all what’s right. Well I’m jumping up on my tiny soap box to tell you that there is no singular method that works for everyone. Every body is different.

The human body is insanely complicated. We cannot categorize or predict because there would be WAY too many possibilities. Each body reacts differently to their environment, needs different foods, and handles different forms and intensity of exercise.

So what is the answer? Which of these very sexy, very healthy people do you listen to? It’s pretty simple … yourself!

The key is in developing an acute sense of self. Learning to understand when your brain or body needs something different from what you’re providing. For instance, in high school I was chronically lethargic, sleeping up to 12 hours every day. So for 3 years, my mom helped me explore my diet. One at a time, we cut out certain food groups, added in other things, and messed with my workout routine. We experimented with my body.

During that time and with the help of our first holistic doctor, we found that I (and my siblings and mom) are gluten-intolerant. As the years have worn on, I’ve seen two more doctors and continued experimenting and researching. My diet has become more limited but also more delicious and energizing.

The trick is to find the right combination of all the approaches that the industry has to offer. Now-a-days, it’s easy to experiment! Grocery stores are becoming more aware of food-intolerances and there are so many free (or cheap) and easy workouts for so many various body types.

So instead of latching on to one or two people, preaching their particular path to health, experiment with yourself. Keep a record (written or not) of how you feel with each dietary change. Know your body and how it’s handling your workouts. And most of all, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This will be a lifelong process. You will change, as will modern trends and practices. But if you know your reactions and what you need for optimal health, you’ll always be at the top of the game.

I hope you’re all having wonderful days. Love and a big hug- Ash

6 thoughts on “Mindful Monday: AHH! Too Many Options!!

  1. EyeCandyPopper

    Agreed! I’ve never been a fan of any so-called ‘diets’. We all need to be more in-touch with our bodies and listen to what they’re telling us, instead of just covering the pains with medication. Those pains are there to tell us there’s something wrong!
    The only thing I “preach” would be to eat real, whole, organic (or GMO-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pesticide-free) food, to reduce processed food to close-to-nothing, or nothing if we can. The rest is up to each of us to determine what fits. We all go through our own journeys, but we can’t go wrong with real food 🙂 Excellent article!

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Thanks EyeCandyPopper! I totally agree on the “real food” thing. Eating chemical free isn’t a trend or a fad, it’s just smart. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Ann

    A good blog Ash but I am surprised that a young girl like you is so concerned about all of this at this stage in your life. For me most of it is common sense – good clean food and a balanced diet. The important thing for young people is to eat three sensible meals every day, do not drink alcohol to excess and definitely do not smoke. The latter two will catch up with everyone who does in later life. Otherwise, enjoy food. It’s amongst the greatest pleasures we have in life!

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Aunty Ann, thank you for the comment! I’m not trying to become more healthy for my future. I do it for my current life. I only adopt new health rules that make me feel better. Consequently, doing more than cutting out booze and smoking has given me the energy to really enjoy my young and able body. By becoming healthier, I am maximizing the potential my body has right now.
      Although, who doesn’t enjoy a good drink on occasion? Thanks for reading.

      1. Ann

        Hi Ash,

        Nothing wrong with your aspirations. I am just saying that a good diet is easy to follow and at your age you should be highly energised anyway and your health and well being should be optimal, unless you are neglecting it which I am sure you are not. Just be careful these preoccupations don’t lead to fads or even obsessions. That can happen!

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