I had planned to post the recipe of dinner last night but then I watched this video my grandma sent me.

My generation has been so lucky to not have faced a war on our home turf, we can only imagine what it must be like in the Middle East. But when we did get attacked, boy did we band together. Remember how we all promised always to remember?

This video is a little long but just clear your next 10 minutes and watch it, trust me.

As a first generation American (my parents are both British), I have always struggled to find my American pride. I know this sounds awful but I only really ever noticed the bad things about the US. About five years ago, when I really started to travel, I realized how wonderful a place this is. We all know the freedoms and all that stuff but what about all the different cultures you can find here in this one giant country? And the people, wow the people here can be so awesome. America has been in a bit of a rut over the last few years but it’s the people here, the millions of different cultures and points of views, that will eventually float our heads back above water.

Don’t forget to smile today, they’re contagious 🙂

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