Monday Advice: Set Realistic Expectations

Alright, I’m calling myself on my own bull crap. About a month ago I posted on sleeping soundly. Skim it over here. It basically maps out a bedtime routine to make sure that you sleep soundly. Each of the activities work together to help your brain and body settle down but never have I ever done all these things, in a row, in the same night.

While I believe that a bedtime routine is absolutely necessary, this post is bull crap! Setting aside an entire hour for a pre-bed routine? No way Jose. No one has that much time, including myself. So, I herby promise to never post any kind of advice that I don’t do regularly and with success. Scouts honor.

This leads me into my tidbit of advice for the day: set yourself realistic goals. If you have a big goal in mind, make sure it’s far enough in the future to break it down into little, reachable, daily goals. I find that setting the bar at a height that I can stretch to reach is a great way to motivate myself and to make sure I don’t have any excuses.

^ This is me! Thanks for sending me this pic Ma.

How could you not smile at those baby buns?

4 thoughts on “Monday Advice: Set Realistic Expectations

  1. carolynpfalzgraf

    This may be the best piece of advice you’ve posted so far! I sometimes have the opposite issue, where I am more pessimistic than realistic, but I think this advice definitely applies to me too. And when i’m feeling pessimistic, reading your blog always makes me smile 🙂

    1. ahappylass Post author

      YAY! That’s my hope. Of course I know you’re always the pessimist. Maybe that should be my next post topic…having confidence, because you’re clearly a kick-ass lady.

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