Thankful Tuesday: C’mon Roll Out Of Bed!

Oh man. After my glorious 3 day weekend, it was VERY hard to roll out of bed this morning. So I’m going to do a gratitude post to get me motivated.

I am thankful for the nice, warm, comfy bed that I share with my wonderful boyfriend. I’m so happy that I have the resources and flexibility to wake up, do a spot of yoga and then head into work to meet with my really cool coworker and bosses. I am thankful for the delicious granola-free granola that I’m about to eat (check it out here). And I am so happy I did not wash my car yesterday because the rain is doing it for me today!

^Thank you boyfriend for making the bed this morning!

Is it a slow morning for you too? Tell me about it. Then plant a smile on your face and keep pushing through your day.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday: C’mon Roll Out Of Bed!

  1. Ruth Rainwater

    I truly believe we should be thankful for all the little things in our lives we so often take for granted. And we all have lots of little things in our lives; and hopefully, big things, too!


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