Mindful Monday: Track Attack!

I have a friend. She’s a triathlete and a blogger. And no, I don’t mean my kind of triathlete who does Sprint triathlons every couple of years and calls it a day. No. She’s an Iron Woman. She has the kind of desire and blind ambition it takes to wake up several hours early to ride 50 miles before work. Or to train outside in the frigid Boston winters.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 7.23.37 AM

^ Yep, that’s her. She travels to some amazing places to train.

Basically she’s a BAMF (bad-ass-mo-fo) and there have been many times that she has inspired me. On top of all this, she’s an awesome, down-to-earth, really fun chick. Isn’t it frustrating that these super-fit, super-awesome kind of people actually exist?!

Anyway, last Wednesday I mention that I was going to be switching up my workouts a bit (Change of Pace). Well today, in about 30 minutes. I’ll be going on my first run in at least 6 months. I’m going to take it easy (3 slow miles) but Carolyn’s most recent post got me amped to fly down the sidewalk!

Track Attack – Carolyn Pfalzgraf

Check out her blog to see the internal workings of a hard-core triathlete. It’s inspiring to see that she struggles with her training just as much as I do with my daily workouts. It never get’s easier, you just get faster. 🙂

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