Movin’ and Shakin’

Hey all! Thankfully I got a week off between jobs and am now in the process of a DEEP purge of our apartment. We have recently reorganized our finances and, concurrently, out priorities.

Right around that time we also went next door to have dinner at our neighbors. They are Indian and have very very little furniture and decoration. While the lack of color made me a little sad (white walls = bleh), it was also so relaxing to be in there! Spend your time doing productive and fun things rather than looking at, cleaning, an accumulating more STUFF.

So we have reevaluated out apartment. We are purging. No more stuff. Unnecessary crap that we keep to use once a year. It’s all going to be sold then donated.

Here is the pile so far. Plus many pieces of furniture.


On that note, until I get this all taken care of and my feet firmly on the ground in San Diego, this blog will be on hiatus. I will keep you updated when I can but until then … Enjoy the gorgeous weather! Get outside, exercise, eat all that yummy produce that’s coming out of the ground.

Enjoy life my friends. And see you in a week or so! Love and a big smile – Ash

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