Hillcrest Farmers Market

With summer comes an onslaught of Farmer’s Markets. From coast to coast there are streets lined with tents and under those tents is some of the freshest, tastiest, local produce you’ve ever had. Our new neighborhood, Hillcrest, is no exception.

I’ve written about Farmer’s Markets before and while the one is Peoria is pretty awesome, our new local market is spectacular. The area is rife with crazies like us, all looking for raw, vegetarian, organic, blah-blah-blah and these vendors supply some of the best health food I’ve ever had.

One of my favorite things about farmer’s markets is the ambience. They’re usually on the weekend and people usually aren’t in much of a hurry. They’re there to taste, peruse, and barter for the local flavor. Ours are held on Sundays and that is when I’ll be doing ALL my grocery shopping. So check out your local Market this weekend, you might be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

StrawbsShopping is a joy when you can taste and buy strawberries like these.

flowersHow could you resist?

plantsSeedlings to get our garden started!

bike valetCould it get more perfect?

Have you been to your local market? How was it?

3 thoughts on “Hillcrest Farmers Market

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Oh my goodness I know. I am slightly allergic to them and get a swollen throat but sometimes they just look too good to be ignored. Haha.

      1. maiahausler

        I have noticed a similar thing when I eat them (swollen tounge) but I have found that the organic ones I get at the market don’t really effect me. I think it is more the pesticides that bother me. Heres to hoping the allergies don’t get worse and we can continue to eat them!

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