Friday Advice: Do Not Be Intimidated, Get Informed

I just got back from a spectacular bike ride with a new friend! Yes, I made a new friend. Her name is Sara and she rides bikes, moved here from Northern California, and is in nursing school. This is the third time I’ve met up with her and we never fail to have something to talk about. Aside from my excitement at meeting someone that I actually connect with, I’m pretty stoked on the routes she’s been showing me. Yay!!

Anyway, today was s short ride but we spent most of the time talking about the flu shot. Haha. I know it seems odd but we’re both at different ends of the medical/health spectrum. While both of us are healthy, we have differing opinions on how to prevent and treat different ailments. I won’t go into my opinion right now (save that for a later date) but we managed to have a fantastic debate over the effectiveness and worthiness of the flu shot.

This has started happening more and more in my adult life where I am being challenged by  other people’s opinions and, instead of backing out and say “I don’t want to argue about it, I don’t have enough information to defend my opinion,” I’ve started learning from what other people have to say. I started reading and listening to people I greatly respect and then finding the science to back myself up. Instead of being intimidated by other people, I’m coming to realize that it only takes a little bit of information to get on their same level. AND when you start talking to them, debating them, you learn more about how to defend your side of the argument. I am getting smarter just by talking to people that think I’m wrong! Sweet!

So this is kind of a rambling post but the meat of it is: Don’t be intimidated by people with strong opinions, just make sure you know why you believe in something and start the debate! You may learn something.

There will be more on this later but I don’t want to bore you all right now. On a happier note, last weekend, I FINALLY learned to ride my bike with no hands! After trying repeatedly for 3 years, I realized that you just have to take both hands off at the same time and lean back. I was so excited that I asked Mike to take a picture.


Do any of you readers have an opinion that you’d like to be able to defend better? Maybe it’s time to dedicate an hour to researching it. 

5 thoughts on “Friday Advice: Do Not Be Intimidated, Get Informed

  1. Anonymous

    I shall be trying no hands this Sunday! We are, quite quickly, getting cooler over here so time to start hunting out our winter kit:( Full thermal bib, where are you?!

      1. Anonymous

        I’m really glad that you back out on your bike. Something to do with the weather cooling off perhaps. It’s such a good way to meet new people and explore and get to know your surroundings. Great that you have somebody to ride with.
        Something that relates to your discussion with your ride mate, the saying that
        ” you learn a lot more by listening that you do by talking “.
        Love you my gorgeous girl.

  2. carolyn

    Ashley, So happy you found a friend. I thought I’d see you at Max.Living Thursday but I guess you had the day off. I was going to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog! And that I had a nightmare last night. can’t figure out why, but I will be reading my Bible before bed tonight for sure! see you soon!

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Carolyn. Sorry I wasn’t there. I was prepping for our big dinner that night. As far as nightmares: sometimes they can be caused by the book your reading or the tv you watch before bed. Or just the amount of stress in your life. Try to maintain a bed time routine that winds you down after a long day. That’s what works for me anyway! Hope you sleep better tonight!


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