Happy 100!!

This blog is officially 100 posts old!! I can and can’t believe that I’ve been posting for so long. I still have so much to say! So today, instead of posting a recipe, it’s going to be a thankful Tuesday.

Today and everyday I am thankful for:

1. This forum. WordPress has allowed me (for free!) to be able to write out all the kooky things I have to say and project them to the world! I have stepped off my soapbox in everyday life and restrain myself to giving advice at work and on this here blog. It’s been and will continue to be such a great outlet for me.

2. All you guys. All my loved ones and the strangers that have supported me through the last several months. It’s incredible how people step up to give feedback when they could just read without my ever knowing. Thanks guys!



^ Mike and I this past weekend at the top of Sears (Willis) Tower. That skybox is sort of like my blogging (and real) life. Completely terrifying but well worth the adventure.

3. My physical and mental ability to speak, type, and think through these things. There have been many people in my life not quite as fortunate as I am. My mind is healthy enough to provide (mostly) rational thought, my body strong enough to get up every day to cook healthy meals and workout until I throw up (yesterday, EW), and my fingers nimble enough to type these words.

I am SO lucky! Thanks again everyone for following. Stay tuned because there will actually be a recipe post on Thursday.


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