Friendly Friday: How Much Is Too Much?

It’s an odd question to ponder. Especially when it comes to something that makes someone feel so good. Do people get spoiled? Do they start to take it for granted? Can you ever show someone too much love?

One of the goals of my Happiness Project is to set up a day each week to talk to each of my siblings. It’s a joint effort and we’ve all succeeded. Makenna is on Tuesday, Cam is on Wednesday, and Nikki is on Thursday. It’s wonderful to hear about their lives more frequently and I’m really excited for it to become a regular thing.

I am the oldest of four. I’ve been a third parent to my siblings from the time I could reach the kitchen counter. There must have been some natural motherly tendencies there already but ay caramba, being an oldest sister really brought it out of me. Our childhood groomed me to nurture and care for people and generally just give them a lot of love.

But is there ever too much love? I tell my friends and family, multiple times in a conversation, that I love them and miss them. Because I do! I never want the special people in my life to question it. Do you think they ever just stop listening? Shrug off or tune out the doting words I throw their way. Not because they don’t appreciate it but because I say it (and try to show it) as often as possible?

I think that people act the way they want to be treated. Maybe I feel the need to express my love because it’s awesome when I get it back. I don’t know. What I do know is that it feels great to have so many people who are worthy of my energy. What a lucky lady I am 🙂


10 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: How Much Is Too Much?

  1. Anonymous

    Ash, your energy into pouring out love for others make it so easy to love and miss you back. You’re such a genuine person so I don’t feel that you’re ever questioned in your intention of really loving or missing someone!

  2. Jordan Kelley

    Great idea about staying in contact with your siblings I love it I’m going to put that in my schedule immediately thanks a lot hope all is well see you soon! 🙂

  3. Judith Dinnsen

    Hi Ashley!! I am so proud of you; am really enjoying the daily notes of inspiration. You are wonderfully talented. Keep it up and stay healthy! Hugs, Judy


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