Thriving Thursday: May Goals

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Making resolutions is all well and good but unless there is a structure to meet those resolutions, they won’t happen. So in work and in play, I have tangible, reachable goals. I focus on something new every month and keep the habits that improve my life and my mood. It’s amazing what a little mind power can do!

Previous posts: April Goals and Healthful, Happy, and Loving Project

So, two months in, I have realized a few things. A list of commandments that I read every day just doesn’t work for me. In fact, any goal that adds to my list of things to do every day isn’t going to stay long-term. Therefore, I have kicked out the list of commandments. And I’ve kicked out my daily walks. From now on, I will define what I want to focus on and set out things to try to accomplish my goals.

Also, after a little inspiration from my boss, I will be continuously working on nine areas of my life: family/relationship, career, finance, spirit, body, intellect, friendship, environment. Each month will emphasize a specific categories that I think are slipping. A balanced life is a happy life 🙂

Previous Goals That Have Stuck:

  • Family: Set up weekly phone dates with every immediate family member. (Read about it here)
  • Spirit: When I’m sad, stop thinking of the future. Just smile and try to make that moment happier.
  • Spirit: Remember to be happy when I succeed. (This is a work in progress but I’m getting there!) 
  • Body: Eat at least one raw meal per day. (Usually my smoothie)
  • Body: Have at least one entirely vegetarian day per week. (This is actually becoming multiple days per week)
  • Intellect: Create a folder for design inspiration. (I rearranged my Pinterest page to make this easier. Still working on the physical, non-digital folder)

May Goals:

  • Relationship: Surprise him.
    I’m always bugging Mike to surprise me with nice things or take me on dates. I recently (five minutes ago) realized that I can’t expect him to do that for me if I don’t do it for him first. I’m going to work on treating him like the love of my life that he is.
  • CareerStop being late.
    When I first start a job, I’m never late to meetings. Usually I’m ten minutes early! But once I settle in, I figure out where I can squeeze in extra activities and it makes me late. Only by a few minutes but then I’m wasting someone else’s time.
  • FinancePurge the crap.
    I’m tired of having things around that I don’t need or use. I’m trying to keep from buying unnecessary things and I am constantly donating or selling the crap I already have. Man it’s liberating! So I will continue like this until I’m at the bare minimum.
  • Spirit: Be mindful when driving.
    I get in such a rush and fluster that I forget to actually experience the day. Driving is currently my main transition between activities so I will practice being aware while driving. If I’m especially flustered I will sit in the car and breathe deeply for 15-30 seconds before turning it on.
  • Spirit: Start a treasure box.
    I’m not a pack rat, but there are a few small things that I keep because they hold wonderful memories for me. Instead of having them scattered around the house with the risk of eventually getting lost, I will keep them together. Right now they are gathering a shoe box but I’d like to find some way to display them in a non-gaudy way.
  • Body: Have at least one entirely vegan day per week.
    I love my new loosely vegetarian lifestyle (so much more energy!) so I’m going to up the ante and see how my body responds to eating vegan one day a week.
  • Environment: Stop using paper towels.
    They’re wasteful and unnecessary. Instead I cut up some old towels that needed recycling. We now have two bins under our sink, one of clean rags and one for dirty. So far it’s been a week and it’s working pretty well!

I know that’s a lot of goals but I’ve already started some of them and they’re not so hard. As long as they only affect my daily efficiency in a positive way, I can make it happen!

What are some resolutions you’ve been working on lately?

Love and a big smile – Ash

3 thoughts on “Thriving Thursday: May Goals

  1. Al

    Neat goals and great categories! I like them all, especially the environment one. I didn’t think about starting an environment resolution!

    I’m starting out on my resolutions for the first month now as well 🙂 It’s pretty raw and unfocused. Eeks. I’ll probably include the environment in my next month.

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Hey Al! I think raw and unfocused is really good for the first couple months. Everyone’s resolution structure is different. It’s good to be loose about it until you figure out what you need to make the goals happen.
      Let me know how it goes! I’m really interested. Hope all is well.


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