Thriving Thursday: Natural Deodorant for the Smelly Woman-UPDATED

Confession: I am a smelly person. I have been since I hit puberty. My feet don’t really smell. And neither does my breath. But my armpits, WOOOEYYY! Let’s just say you definitely don’t want to hug me in an unprotected B.O. moment.

The Background: But it’s not just the smell, I also just sweat a lot. When I was in middle school, I would suffer through the 95°F weather with a sweatshirt on just so kids wouldn’t laugh at my pit sweat. My friends would stand with me in the bathroom at lunch while I squatted under the hand dryer to get rid of the pit rings for a couple hours. No joke.


Before big days like a dance or school photos I would wear CertainDry to bed. If you’re unfamiliar with the stuff, it’s like prescription strength deodorant. It contains so much aluminum that it actually kills the nerve endings in your pits and stops the sweating and B.O. It’s INCREDIBLY painful. I would fall asleep clutching my armpits like Superstar all just to wake up without sweat.

Finally, as I got to high school, I stopped caring quite so much. I dealt with the sweat by airing things out whenever I had the chance. But the smell has remained a problem.

Going Natural: So when I decided to try to go natural with my deodorant, I entered the experiment with hesitation. I have this weird theory that whatever I use on my body or in my house should potentially be edible without causing me any harm. That’s why I decided to go No Poo with my Shampoo. It’s why I now clean my apartment using vinegar water. And it’s why I wanted natural deodorant.


It took six LONG and smelly months to finally find my match. My coworkers can attest to the fact that, unless I kept my elbows to my side T-Rex style, I stunk up our office. I tried everything from salt rocks to essential oils. I tried 5 of the 7 deodorants available at our local stores … And that stuff is not cheap!


But I finally found it. Dusk from Natural Grooming. It’s men’s deodorant but it actually smells really good. A little musky but I think that’s why it works so well.

My Advice: If you’re looking to do the same, be prepared for some experimentation. Don’t give up if you smell terrible the first day. Most of the time it takes at least a few weeks for your body to get rid of the crappy chemicals. It’s like a detox for your armpits. The longer you’ve been wearing the bad stuff, the longer the detox will take.

Also, give each product at least a week. Figure out what’s not working (ie. the fragrance, gel or stick, etc) and then make sure it’s not the same with the next product you buy. It’s process of elimination.

When you finally do find something that works, it may only work for the first part of the day. If I want to keep the odor at bay I have to apply twice a day. So I just carry it around in my bag if I know I won’t be home for 10 hours.

The Funny Thing: Now that I’ve been using this for a couple months, my natural smell isn’t as bad. It’s like the crappy deodorant was making me smell worse!

UPDATE: As the comments on this post predicted, all of a sudden, three months in, my body chemistry changed. That deodorant stopped working, and quickly. I was so bummed because it took me forever to find one that worked. I figured I’d tried one more safe one and then give myself over to the chemicals. But, what do you know, the one I tried worked! It’s Arm and Hammer baking soda deodorant and it’s awesome. I love it. And I’m hoping when my body turns on me again, I’ll be able to go back to the other one. We shall see …

Honorable Mention: There was another brand (Every Man Jack) that I LOVED the smell of but it didn’t work with my body chemistry. I gave it to Mike to use and it’s heavenly. Even when his natural smell peeks through, I like it. It’s like I can smell his pheromones. Very interesting.

Do you use natural deodorant? What works for you?

I hope you’re all having happy Thursdays! Love and hugs – Ash

13 thoughts on “Thriving Thursday: Natural Deodorant for the Smelly Woman-UPDATED

  1. EyeCandyPopper

    I totally agree! I’ve had similar issues. haha Not fun! It does take time to find a good natural deodorant that works, and even when you do, be ready to search again in 6 months-1 year, because your body’s enzymes will have adjusted and it won’t work anymore.
    I’ve been noticing that the healthier I get, the less stinky I am, and the less products I use (even natural), the less smelly I am. So I keep things simple. 🙂

  2. carolyn

    I have the same problem, Ashley. When I was on vacay w my sister in Utah, she said she was using (i think) Secret Clinical strength. I worked better than others she said. I will def try your Natural Grooming Dusk. I think our bodies do change so hopefully as I get healthier, I will not have this problem. My dad had the same thing and a few our my sibs do also. Keep up the blog! Carolyn

    1. ahappylass Post author

      Yeah, if you read the comment above, it says just that. Less toxins, less smell. But they also say that the quicker you sweat, the more in shape you are. Something to think on…

  3. nikinfelt

    This is a wonderful post. I give you mad props for even posting this. 🙂 I think I will try it just to see how it works. This is twice in a week someone has brought up pheromones and I also find that amusing. Keep up the good work Ash – love it!

  4. Ruth Rainwater

    I have just switched to a natural deodorant I get from a company called Real Purity. I don’t have much of a problem with odor, but my partner does. I made him try it – and it works so well, he can skip a day and I still can’t smell him. And I have a sniffer that works overtime!!

      1. Ruth Rainwater

        You’re welcome! I came across Real Purity online when I was trying to find makeup that didn’t have arsenic, mercury, and all that other stuff in it. This company is fantastic and I highly recommend them!!

  5. holistichealthies

    Ugh so true, the chemical fragrances mixed with bo smells worse. It took me ages and many different natural products but none ever worked completely. Then I stumbled across a DIY coconut oil deodorant recipe that the author said worked 100% even when exercising. So being at wits end I gave it a go and honestly couldn’t believe the result, absolutely no bo ever again!
    To make it I mixed in 1 part tapioca or arrowroot powder, 1 part bicarbonate soda (get one without aluminium) and gradually add coconut oil to make a thick paste.
    It’s a bit different applying it and you will get white marks on black clothing but its definitely worth it!

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