Workout Wednesday: Spring Shape Up

Last night, at our workout class, we started the Spring Shape Up. Loads of patients are trying to get in shape for summer so to encourage them we issued a challenge: lose (at least) 5 pounds in 4 weeks and do it together. We have 30+ people doing it and it makes such a difference!

The large workout class encourages each person to stay focused on their goal. If they’re suffering, so are the 29 other people. Also having a group of people who you trust to give you nutrition and exercise advice is key. There are SO many sources of health information out there.

Are you trying to tone up for that bathing suit this summer? Here are a few basic rules for success:

  • find a partner or a group of people with common Shape Up goals
  • make sure that partner can meet at least once a week for a shared workout
  • find a place where you can ask questions about food and exercise and they will answer with respect and detailed knowledge (this blog can be that place!)
  • set an attainable resolution. make it a stretch but not impossible. and make it a resolution for lifestyle change rather than a goal for weight loss
  • avoid the scale if you can. use a tape measure instead and judge progress by inches lost.

And remember, this workout is ONLY as hard as you make it. The more you sweat, the more your muscles burn, the better.

Beginner through intermediate (12 minutes)

– 20 seconds on/ 20 seconds off

– each exercise 3 times in a row

Advanced (16 minutes)

– 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off

– each exercise 4 times in a row


High Knees

1. high knees


2. push ups


3. russian twist (with or without weight, feet on floor or in air)


4. speed squats (do these fast, bounce at top and bottom, never lock knees)


5. calf jump/raise

LowJacks2 LowJacks1

6. low jacks (keep upper body level the whole time)

Are you working towards a certain body? What does it look like?

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