Mindful Monday: How to Connect

Almost every job in life requires humans to interact with other humans. Certainly, once I learned to really connect with people, I excelled at my work. The first step is always to actually care about the people you’re working with or for. This may be the hardest part sometimes. It requires a relatively happy brain and some extra love to go around. But once you’ve got that step down, the rest is gravy.

If you can harness that true caring for someone else’s life, you can also harness the best of themselves. When a person knows you value them and their ideas, you instantly become a team. That’s when you can help turn their mood around on a bad day or help them to better understand a cause that’s worth their time.

In the linked article below, Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, gives seven amazing tips for connecting with your fellow humans. They are easy and so obvious once you read them. So check it out! And try to enjoy your Monday. 🙂

Seven Tips for Making Other People Feel Smart and Insightful – Happiness Project

Love and a big smile – Ash


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