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Workout Wednesday: Lofty But Attainable Goals

Do you have a weight loss goal right now? Most people, especially in this season, want to get more fit. What’s your goal? At work we are doing a 30 day weight loss challenge. Last night we did the first weigh-ins. For four weeks we challenge everyone to eat right at least six days a week and exercise at least three days a week. So I challenge you, if you have a goal, do the same thing!

If your goal is fat loss, get naked and get on the scale. If your goal is more lean muscle, find a flexible tape measure or piece of string and measure around the largest part of your stomach, arm, and leg. Then record the numbers. Somewhere that you won’t lose or forget.

Then start the baby steps. Plan your meals and your workouts. Don’t give yourself an option to deviate. Workout in the mornings before you start your day, and remove all sugary, bad-fatty foods from your house. No temptations. Don’t go out to eat if you can’t resist the hamburger and fries. It’s only four weeks! Challenge yourself. Be proud of every day you can get through in a completely healthy way. I think a person’s success is defined by the ambition of the commitments they can keep. So make your goal lofty but reachable, and then go get it!


I’ve been slacking off for the past 6 weeks. With the holidays and everything, it’s time for me to get back into it and start some serious training. Bike season is coming up! So I’m going to join the Challenge. But for me, it’s going to be a lean muscle challenge. So I used a tape measure and piece of rope. My measurements are: 32.5″ (stomach), 12″ (right arm), 24.5″ (right leg). I’ll let you know how I’m looking in 4 weeks!

Finally, here’s today’s workout:

Beginner through intermediate (12 minutes)

– 20 seconds on/ 20 seconds off

– each exercise 3 times in a row

Advanced (16 minutes)

– 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off

– each exercise 4 times in a row


High Knees

1) high knees – speed is most important with this one.


2) X plank – start in straight plank…if you can, jump out your legs then step out your arms to form an “X”, move them all back in and start again. Don’t forget to keep your body straight as a plank!


3) jump lunges – align your joints ALWAYS, shoulders over hips, front knee over toes.


4) crunches – look at the ceiling and lift your shoulders. DO NOT pull on your neck.


5) calf jumps – fluid jumping, very little bend in the knee. like you’re at a concert without any space. ps. the girl in this photo is ripped! So awesome.


6) wall sits – quads parallel to the ground. If it’s too easy for you, Keep your legs touching each other. Still too easy? Raise one foot off the ground, switch at the halfway point.

So what’s your goal and how will you do it?



No Workout Wednesday: Holiday Blues Anyone?

Our flight got canceled yesterday. I was so excited that the next flight was the next morning so I could spend a bit more time with my family. Then Mike realized he had an early morning meeting so we had to take a MUCH longer route and got in around 1am. I’m tired. Really tired. The house is clean (thank goodness for my foresight there), but I have to unpack, grocery shop, take down Christmas decorations, and pay the bills that have accumulated in the last 10 days. I went from blissful exhaustion being with my family to desperate exhaustion being here, on my own, with PILES of work.


But this happens every time I go on vacation. Does it happen to you? My parents have the perfect name for it: Holiday Blues. Mike and I even planned for our holiday blues and thought we would have a nice, healthy, breakfast together before he left for work. NOT. We both scrambled out of bed and out the door with barely enough time to say hello to each other.

So how do you do it? How do you combat the Holiday Blues? I think I’m going to ease my way back into life. Do only the imperative things today: get a great night’s sleep, start the healthy eating, get adjusted (by my boss/chiropractor), and unpack. Tomorrow I will restart working out and paying bills. Oh goodness doesn’t that sound fun?

But at the end of it all, when I sit down to think about it, holy bajolies I’m such a lucky chick. I just got 10 days with my family and friends. And there were people who weren’t there that I missed terribly! How wonderful it is to have so many loved ones that they can’t possibly all gather in one place at one time? Anyway, as exhausted as I am, I’m only really excited at the possibilities for this year. I hope it’s just as good as the last one 🙂


Very Last Monday(?): Bucket List

Well as everyone knows (unless you’ve been living in a hole for the last 10 years) the Mayan calendar ends on Friday. Obviously this means that the entire universe will coming to a grinding halt and … what is supposed to happen? Are we all gonna blow to smithereens? Will we just freeze over and die slowly? Hmmm. Not something I like to really think about but I do find it really fun to think about just how ridiculous this end of the world thing is.

Anyway! In light of the projection of the world ending, and also because of New Year’s coming up, let’s share some of our bucket lists. Only the fun stuff though. I don’t think we need any more negative than we’re already getting this week.

My Bucket List (only the fun stuff):

1. smash a guitar – Something about the big clang and splintering of wood sounds so satisfying to me.

2. mud wrestle – I love an excuse to get muddy. The wrestling part is just my competitive side coming out because I WOULD win.

3. hang out of Cirque du Soleil performers for a day – I’ve seen 7 Cirque shows to date (yes I’m really flippin lucky) and I’ve always wondered what type of person it takes to create such a performance. I’d love to see their pre-show warm ups, how they wind down at the end of the night, and how they interact with each other.

4. attend a Rugby World Cup Final – Preferrably in Millenium stadium in Wales. I’ve been to a few rugby games and get drunk with the energy of the place (maybe the beer helps a bit too). My dad and friends tell me that the World Cup final is completely overwhelming and wonderful. I just want to do it.

5. visit every continent – this started as every country but that’s just FAR too many that I don’t care to visit. The continents that I have not been to are Antarctica and Africa but there are still lots of places in the other 5 that I’d love to explore.

6. make out under a waterfall – Not a fake, man-made waterfall. A real one. In a tropical place somewhere (Hawaii?). And not technically under it but BEHIND it. I don’t want to drown in water.

7. get in a fist fight – It takes a lot to get me angry but once I’m there, I’m a pretty little ball of rage. One day I would like someone to make me mad enough that I can pound on them a few times. Again, I WOULD win.

There are a few more but 7 is a good number so I’ll stop there. Also, upon inspection, it’s really interesting how many of these are violent and competitive. Just don’t get me mad people!

What’s something on your bucket list?